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Recommended Wallet & Exchanges

First a little education: Wallet vs Exchange and how it relates to USI-Tech

-Wallet is where you receive, hold, or keep your bitcoin (you own your private keys and bitcoin in a wallet)...
-Exchange is where you Buy or Sell bitcoin to or from your bank or credit card (they also have internal wallets, but you don’t technically own the bitcoin stored in these wallets because THEY own the private keys to YOUR bitcoin. So you only want to use these exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin, never to hold for long periods of time.)
-USI - Company you give your bitcoin to & they multiply it into more over a period of time. They also pay you in bitcoin for any referrals you bring to the table.....

Proper Steps To Understand:
-You buy bitcoin from an exchange!
-From the exchange you just bought from you use it to buy USI BTC packages
-What ever is left over in your exchange (if above $10), send it to your wallet.
-When ready to start withdrawing earnings from USI, withdraw to your wallet or exchange depending on what you plan on doing with your bitcoin (see A-D below).
A - If you want to sell it and withdraw to a bank account send to an exchange that your country supports bank withdraws
B - If you want to load your Bitpay debit card send it to your wallet, then to your Bitpay card
C - If you want to just hold on to the bitcoin send it to your wallet
D - If you don’t know what you are going to do yet, send it to your wallet, you can always send it to your exchange or bitpay card later from your wallet.

Recommended Wallets: (you own & control your bitcoin)
-Blockchain (every day transactions, holding and receiving bitcoin from USI or others)

-Trezor - Hard wallet - USB - (long term storing of bitcoin, not for everyday transactions)

(store your 12 or 24 word backup phrases in a safe fireproof place Offline, not online)

Recommended Exchanges To Buy/Sell Bitcoin: (they control your bitcoin)

I recommend you getting an account with a bunch of these if they are supported in your country and get them verified now in case you need to use them later or need bitcoin quick one day. That way you won't have to start the process when it's too late. (it can sometimes take up to a week to get verified in some exchanges)…

-LocalBitcoins (fast, peer to peer, same day funding)

-CEX (fast (after verification is complete), credit card funding)

-CoinMama (fast (after verification is complete), credit card funding)

-Uphold (great place to sell bitcoin to bank, 2-3 business days less than 1% fee)

-Kraken (great place to buy/sell bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies.)

-CoinJar (great exchange for people in Australia or the UK)

-Coin ATM Radar (place to find a local bitcoin ATM near you)

Other ways to To Sell your Bitcoin for dollars:

-Bitpay Debit Card (you can load card with any wallet or exchange & use instantly, where ever visa is accepted)

-Your team needing USI packages? (they send you the money direct, you buy using the “Partner Buy” feature in your back office (you just need their Partner ID found on their dashboard).

Also be sure to factor in fees or you will lose money (some banks charge incoming wire fees, if you use a merchant account or paypal there could be fees there, and miners fees, USI 3% fee, etc...

With that said a safe number to charge is between $65-68 per package. Yes it costs a little bit more, but they are paying you for convenience and speed.)

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