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Step 1: Get A Bitcoin Wallet & Buy Bitcoin...

There are plenty of Bitcoin Wallet options available to you.

The most important distinction with a Bitcoin wallet is whether you can control your own Bitcoins just like a physical cash wallet or do you have to trust someone else to hold your Bitcoins for you like a bank does. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, but in general we think it is best for users to hold their Bitcoins themselves.

You will also need a place to exchange your fiat currency - like USD - for Bitcoin.

To get you started we are going to have you sign up with Coinbase. Coinbase is an online Bitcoin Wallet where you can also exchange your money for Bitcoin - Click on the link below to sign-up for a Coinbase account:

You can store, send, receive and buy/sell Bitcoin in one place with Coinbase and your fees are very low.

I continue to explore the different options out there to buy/sell Bitcoin and the different Crypto Wallets to store them in. So, just be sure to subscribe to this website for receive future updates.

To learn more about the different wallet types click below...


Step 2 - Get Signed Up & Activate Your Link...

Click on the link below to sign-up for Profitable Morrows:

Register for your free account - input your name, email and click on the reCaptcha box

You’ll receive email from BLANK with your ACTIVATION LINK

Open Your email from BLANK – click on the "ACTIVATION LINK" – do the password setup, then login to your account and go to the "PROFILE SETTINGS PAGE".


Fill out the TOP SECTION of your PROFILE, then click UPDATE. Your address MUST be the same as it is on the address verification document you will upload later, like a utility or phone bill.

Scroll down the PROFILE SETTINGS PAGE...

Ignore the "Broker Information" section (you won’t need this now.) GO TO "Your Website URL" (your personal site link)


CHANGE your Username to ANYTHING you want:

EXAMPLES: bestbitcoin or abundance4all or johnsmith. This will customize your own site link for referring people.

Enter your Full Name in the Recognition Name box.

Click UPDATE, log out and log back in. Then, click on DASHBOARD in the menu, scroll down, you’ll see your personalized LINK that you just created to give to others.



Go back to PROFILE PAGE...

Scroll to the bottom – ACCOUNT VERIFICATION...

You MUST complete the Account Verification in order to make withdrawals from your account. Follow the instructions and do this ASAP.

There are two documents you will upload:

1. Picture ID – Click on GET STARTED and you will see exactly the photo ID that you need to have someone take of you to upload.

*MAKE SURE the ID and the paper with Date and Signature are clear and READABLE!

2. Address Verification – scan a recent utility or phone bill or other bill that has your name and address that MATCH your PROFILE data you input at the top of the page – scan as a jpeg – then upload it.

Then click UPDATE to submit these two documents.


The BLANK follows KYC (KnowYourCustomer) regulations.

Unlike other programs, BLANK allows only ONE account per person. Do not set up multiple accounts for yourself – they will be de-activated.

Step 3: Choose an Investment Strategy...


Step 4: Choose Your Personal Strategy...

You need a strategy for building up your Bitcoin Packages with BLANK. You need to develop a strategy that will fit YOU. The link below will take you to our "Strategy Page" where you can look at strategies others are using and customize your own strategy...

Step 5: Attend The Training We Provide...

This is a KEY to accelerate your BLANK business NOW.

With James / Million Dollar earner in BLANK:
Mon-Sat, 10 am EST / 7 am PST
Dial in: (515) 604-9872 PIN: 722289#
LIVE OVERVIEW: Mon-Sat, 12 Noon EST / 9 am PST
Dial in: (515) 604-9872 PIN: 722289#
LIVE TRAINING: Mon & Thurs - 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST
Dial in: (515) 604-9872 PIN: 722289#
Thursday night Zoom meeting @ 9pm EST Webinar:
Dial now: 1-302-202-1110
Pin #: 180269

Step 6: Promoting To Build YOUR BLANK Biz...

For those of you who want to build the business side of BLANK - this is for you! You can build your business 12 levels deep and max out your income at 2.5BTC per day!

So, let's get started and put your BLANK Business on autopilot in 3 Easy Steps...

Step One: Sign up for BLANK here if you have not yet:


Step Two: Purchase your Marketing System here:


Step Three: Purchase done for you traffic here:


Get your downline to do the same!


always reach out to us if you need any help at all!


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